Candidate Endorsement

In pursuing our mission, NWPC recruits, trains and supports pro-choice women candidates for elected offices Our chapter supports candidates by helping to raise money and providing crucial, hands-on volunteer assistance.

Candidates running for the offices of State Senator, State Representative, and St. Louis City and County Government are eligible for NWPC endorsement and may receive funding from the Eastern Missouri Political Action Committee (EMPAC).

To be considered for endorsement, each candidate running for office needs to complete the Endorsement Questionnaire.

NWPC cannot endorse multiple candidates in the same race, however, endorsements may be offered post primary elections. Additionally, our local chapter may support statewide candidates who have been endorsed by the Missouri State Women's Political Caucus (MOWPC).

Endorsements will be announced after filing for office closes. Endorsed candidates will be invited to attend the NWPC Endorsement Meeting, time and place to be arranged.

"Friend of the NWPC of Metro St. Louis" Designation

While we would love to donate money to every woman running in every race, our funds will not stretch that far. However, women running for offices other than Missouri General Assembly and St. Louis City and St. Louis County government may receive Friend of the NWPC of Metro St. Louis designation.

While financial support is not available to our Friends designees, we do offer campaign training and a mentor program. To be considered for Friend designation, please fill out the Friend of NWPC Questionnaire

Candidate Training

One way in which we support women candidates is providing campaign training.