take back choice for Missouri women

Women must be at the table to ensure our reproductive rights are upheld and expanded. 2020 is our chance to take back choice for Missouri women, but that can only be done by electing more women. 

Change must start at the foundation of our ballot - local offices. School boards, councils and committees are the first lines of defense and serve as a training ground for higher office. 

We are launching a month-long effort to identify, empower and educate women to run for local office in the Metro St. Louis region and we need your help. This campaign hinges on you nominating smart, driven women in your network, who you think should be our next community leader. 

NWPC-STL is dedicated to recruiting women of color, young women and LGBTQIA women to run, so please consider your full network.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Candidate Recruitment Committee and eligible nominees will be contacted directly. There is no obligation of the nominee to follow through and self-nomination is also encouraged. A candidate training will take place in 2020 for interested nominees. Contact VP of Candidate Recruitment Taylor Paquette with questions, or if you have a personal story about running for local office:

NWPC-STL is a volunteer-driven organization that utilizes the experiences, skills and interests of each of their members to further the cause of choice, grow in professional development and foster lifelong friendship. To learn about becoming a member, click here


Nominations will take place between September 23-October 23, 2019.

Candidate Training will take place in early 2020.