Policy council

What is the Policy Council?

The NWPC of Metro St. Louis Policy Council is the decision-making body for the local chapter, leading the organization to pursue it's mission to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice women to public office. Policy Council meets monthly to determine the goals of the chapter and execute strategies to meet those goals, while ensuring compliance with standards from the National Women's Political Caucus and Missouri Women's Political Caucus.

The Policy Council has the following responsibilities enumerated in our by-laws:


  1. hold meetings on a regular basis and not less than four times per year.  
  2. determine the policy and the activities to be conducted by the NWPC-STL.
  3. consider and confirm the selection of changes in NWPC-STL leadership necessitated by resignations or extraordinary circumstances.
  4. approve the annual budget and any expenses of more than $250 not itemized in that budget, including the budget for any fundraising events.
  5. maintain and implement an affirmative action plan to increase the minority group membership in the NWPC-STL.

Policy Council Members' individual duties are as follows:


  1. Attend monthly policy council meetings;
  2. Promote the Caucus to potential new members; and
  3. Attend Caucus events and contribute as needed.


Election of Policy Council Members

Each fall, the President shall appoint two or more members of the Policy Council to a Nominating Committee, who shall develop a slate of officers and at-large Policy Council members. Membership votes to elect the Policy Council at the first meeting of the year, typically in January.

At least two weeks before the first meeting of the year, any paid member who desires to be listed on the ballot shall submit her name to the President (mary.nichols1@outlook.com) as a candidate for a specified office. 

In addition to the slate chosen by the Nominating Committee, a nomination can be made from the floor with a nominating motion and second made by NWPC-STL members. 

Each member of the NWPC-STL Policy Council shall serve for one calendar. All officers are encouraged to serve a two-year term, starting in a non-election year.


Policy Council Roles & Responsibilities



1) organize, direct and administer the business of the NWPC-STL;

2) be authorized to speak for the membership of the NWPC-STL;

3) preside over membership and Policy Council meetings of the NWPC-STL;

4) appoint special committee chairs;

5) coordinate and oversee committee activities;

6) periodically evaluate progress of the NWPC-STL in relation to the goals outlined by the Policy Council and the bylaws, and report to the Policy Council and full membership;

7) work with the NWPC-STL Treasurer to approve or reject proposed expenses not included in the budget; 

8) serve as the contact person for dealings with the Missouri Women’s Political Caucus and the National Women’s Political Caucus; and

9) perform any other duties which the Policy Council may deem appropriate.

First Vice President

1)  assist the President with administrative and leadership responsibilities;

2) in the absence of the President, preside over any meetings of the NWPC-STL or Policy Council;

3) In the event the President is unable to continue in that capacity, the First Vice President shall assume the duties of the President until the next General Membership meeting when an election to fill the vacancy shall be held.

4) keep abreast of and assist in activities of the committees;

5) attend a majority of NWPC-STL meetings and other activities; and

6) perform any other duties as the President may assign


1) keep correct and complete records of account which accurately reflect at all times the financial status of the NWPC-STL;

2) be the legal custodian of all monies and other valuables which may come into the possession of the NWPC-STL;

3) present quarterly a statement of the financial status of the NWPC-STL to the full membership;

4) prepare a budget to be approved by the Policy Council.

5) work with the President to approve or reject proposed expenses not included in the budget;

6) maintain the local membership list including anniversary dates;

7) forward membership information and dues to the MOWPC and NWPC;

8)  perform any other duties as the Policy Council may deem appropriate.

Secretary/Records Vice President

1) assist the President and First Vice President with administrative and leadership responsibilities;

2)  Record key actions taken at NWPC-STL business and policy council
    meetings and present the minutes for approval;

3) take custody of all records and documents of the NWPC-STL other than the records of account;

4) notify the President of her potential absences from Policy Council or General Membership meetings

Vice President for Communications

 1) Share passwords for and maintain Web site (www.nwpc-stl.org) and social media accounts;

2)  Print labels and help with mailings; and

3) Work with other Policy Council members to promote events.

4) Send out regular e-newsletters. 

Vice President for Endorsements

1) Update candidate questionnaire each cycle and distribute to candidates seeking endorsement or     Friends of the Caucus status;

2) Review completed questionnaires and prepare ballot for membership vote;

3) Work with candidates and coordinate endorsement meeting; and 

4) Share information on endorsed candidates with EMPAC.

5) Report to the members and supporters which candidates were successful.

Vice President for Membership

1) Develop and implement a plan to recruit members and encourage renewals;

2) Send out renewal reminders; and

3) Distribute membership flyers at targeted events.

Vice President for Candidate Training

1) Develop training materials to be approved by Policy Council

2) Oversee training classes (Set time, date, and location, send invitations to candidates, review questionnaires for qualified applicants, invite speakers and trainers, ensuring that an approved NWPC Train the Trainer leads the training)

3) Report to General Membership which trainees were successful in the election

  1. Maintain a record of who attends the training sessions.
  2. Coordinate a sub-committee or work with a co-chair focused on providing mentorship opportunities

At-Large Member

At least 5 but no more than 10 At-Large Policy Council members may serve at any time. At-large members are requested to serve on a committee, which include those headed by the Vice Presidents listed above as well as a fundraising committee and program committee, and they have the following duties:

  1. Attend monthly policy council meetings;
  2. Promote the Caucus to potential new members; and
  3. Attend Caucus events and contribute as needed.